Thursday, September 23, 2021

I'm Old!

Sound familiar?


I spent Wednesday cleaning up the yard. It was a glorious day. Besides raking up all the dead grass and forest detritus, I read up on how to manage my Ginger through the Winter.

The lawn is looking dreadful, and I am not keen on the work and expense of re-seeding the entire half-acre. I’m going to see how much of the lawn revives (but it’s not looking at all promising) and I’ll decide on what to do come Springtime. 

In the meantime, I am raking it thoroughly, getting rid of all the needles, cones, little branches, dead grass and twigs. It’s a lot of work maintaining Pinecone Park, but on a sunny day with lovely warm temperatures, it’s wonderful to have soft chores to do. They pull me outdoors. I work at a senior’s pace.

I may hire a landscape person to advise me on what to do come Springtime. It seems pointless to re-seed, only to have to keep doing it as Summer droughts worsen due to climate change. Right now, I’m thinking I may just leave it to nature to see what happens.

Mid-afternoon, I took Her Highness on a favourite walk where there is lots of light. It was a lovely, lovely day for walking! And when I got home, I noticed scattered signs of life in the front yard. 

This lawn situation has become a crisis of inadequacy. I’ve always been independent, self-reliant. I’ve been so all my life. But now, all I want to do is read, lie around and to watch movies. But the yard makes demands, and that yard feels too big lately.

The drought made for a lot of work. Keeping things alive meant daily watering, and for some areas, twice a day when daily temperatures were in the forties. Most new growth died this Summer, leaving lots of dead twigs and small branches to fall in the storm several days ago. And barrows full of needles have fallen. It’s been raining needles since the winds started after the drought.

When Dwight called last night, I could barely speak with him. It hits me like it’s the first time. I’ve been doing so well, then poof. Gone. Barely speaking. One day at a time.

On the plus side, the yard work is my exercise. I reckon it’s very good for my wellbeing, so I rebooted yesterday, and it’s whetted my appetite for more because the next two days are going to be more beautiful days.


Yesterday I also took on some technical challenges. I hate dealing with computer and Internet issues, but I upgraded my computer operating system and Safari, and I learned how to stop my pay television subscriptions. Thank God that’s done!

Today is my first Zoom call with adult-onset stutterers. I’m excited and I’m nervous. My Zoom group of BC Stutterers is a kind of family to me, so I’m going in with a positive attitude.  

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