Saturday, September 25, 2021

Blood Pressure

Friday began with a walk with my friends and our dogs on a glorious morning. When I got home, I went into the village to do some shopping and then I came home, had lunch, and then seeded the former Wasteland. It felt very, very good to finally get that done. It took most of the afternoon.

In the late afternoon, I made a plan for next weekend when I go to the big smoke to attend the wedding of my high school friend, Don. The wedding meal is at night, so I will drive to Dwight’s and sleep in the van at his house so that we can go do coffee together Sunday morning before I catch the ferry for home.

Late in the afternoon, I felt trembly and my hands were red, so I took my blood pressure. It was 192. That’s mighty high, so I’m monitoring myself until Monday when I plan to consult my doctor about it.

In the evening I decided to try to watch The Morning Show even though Jennifer Aniston was one of the leads. It ain’t great, but there are no commercials. 

Today I’ll finish the last small section of the former wasteland and re-seed some of the front lawn. It’s another gorgeous day but eternal rain is coming as of tomorrow, so my timing is perfect. One good thing is that my sads are gone. Thank goodness. I credit the recent stretch of fine weather for my recovery. 

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