Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunny Saturday; Rainy Sunday

All the Mosses are back!

Ferns have revived not that the drought is over.

Saturday began with a lovely long walk through a forest full of emerging life after a few days of rain a while back and cooler temperatures. (See above.) The Ferns are slowly coming back but the Salal is fully revived, and the Fall forest fragrances are divine.

Once home and after lunch, I seeded the final part of the former wasteland and scattered some seeds over the worst patches of the front lawn. Then I planted all my Garlic cloves. I’m going to have a great harvest of Garlic come Summer.

All the rest of the day I spent on the couch. I am a titch worried about my blood pressure reaching 192 because when it went super high (246) when I was in hospital, I couldn’t make any of my muscles work. I’m deathly afraid of that happening again—and worse, when I am on my own here.

Sunday was dark and damp, but the rain held off for the morning dog walk with my large group. We were about twenty dogs and owners. The light rain was welcome when it started shortly after I got home, considering I seeded a lot of land yesterday.

I had a bit of a consult with a nurse via the government's medical hot line. She advised me to see Dr. Majic, but theorized that my high blood pressure could be due to my kidney disease. So this is how it goes, I thought, death by a thousand little cuts. I feel slightly defeated by my various health issues; there's always so much work to do here. But I have vowed to carry on. I have never, ever, lived in a place I've loved more.

In the late afternoon, we had real rain and I loved it, it being a lazy Sunday. I love the coziness of its sound on my metal roof as I sit by the fire.

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