Friday, September 24, 2021

Two FND Friends!


One of Eoin’s and François’ pigs just had five babies!

I’m deeply in love but can’t visit them until next week.

Wow! My meeting with the Stamma group of adult-onset stutterers was wonderful. Two participants, like me, developed their stutter and were diagnosed with FND; they are the first people I have ever met who also have FND. For all three of us, it was wonderful to meet another FND person. Our session was only an hour, but it was fabulous, and we’ll be meeting every month henceforth. Hurray!! 

As a result of my experience with the Stamma group, I have written to the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) to propose a workshop for late-onset stutterers. I’m not keen to lead a workshop, but I believe it will help any other late-onset stutterers as magnificently as this morning’s Stamma group did for me. Also, the CSA may offer to find a host other than me,

I did more yard work yesterday. My lawns are shite but in time they may slightly recover, and I will get used to mangy lawns. I also secured an appointment for a spa technician to come here to do a tune-up of my spa’s engine. It is making worrisome noises.

And a childhood friend whom I haven’t had any contact with since high school recently contacted me. He is getting married on October 2nd, so I have agreed to attend his wedding and have a quick visit to the city.

Today I plan to seed the former Wasteland and to putter at more yard work. It’s another glorious day but tomorrow is predicted to be day one of a long stretch of rainy, dark days.

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