Friday, June 21, 2013

Art Summit

My walk to the conference began with a lovely encounter with these two gents outside a coffee place. I see; I melt.

A long time ago I was an arts activist whilst working professionally in the arts. A long time ago I had faith in government, the future and that society would come to recognize the social value of the creative industries. A long time ago, I believed my peers could put the collective ahead of their ego.

Now, aged 65, I remain a cynical and bitter optimist and although my optimus gland is atrophying, I went to The Arts Summit today—a pan creative conference to map out the future we want hosted by the organization I co-founded and served as its first executive director. It was an ego swamp; there are so many people there who like display their accomplishments disguised as advice for others. Revolting.

The worst part of today was being part of a "break out group." I left immediately after and I am not going back for day two. There were no order to our discussion in the small session and I blame our leader for that. But he was almost helpless against one raging ego in our group who would not stop talking. Honestly: It was one of my worst conference experiences ever.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I ache for a long walk.

Why people come to Vancouver.

This woman, Alison Turner, is the Assistant Executive Director and a whole bunch of other things (her official title is ridiculously long) was the highlight of the conference for me.

Lingua pictoria.

Sadira, my lovely brilliant boss at Emily Carr University.

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