Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lynn Valley Again & Downtown

Back to the dentist in North Van to walk home. Nothing of interest to report (except Costco was out of limes—damn). I can't say it often enough: The feel of warm sunlight on the skin is as heavenly a feeling as I have ever felt. (Not burning or hot sweaty sun, but warm lovely late afternoon sun).

Walking through town I was struck by the names of residences. I hardly ever hear people give their addresses by the name of their building—except, perhaps, with the iconic ones—but the tradition thrives. Many have no names now, but lots do....

Is this a bit pompous?

The owner has to be a Scot.


 LIke living in a laundromat.

 A lot of buildings in the West End—especially near the beach—have names that evoke beach culture.

This place in North Van is four stories high.

I never tire of the Seabus and this view of the Convention Centre.

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