Saturday, June 8, 2013

No Energy Friday

Uninspiring weather had me doing very, very little on Friday. My highlights were a lunch with my "brother" Dwight and dinner with my dear friend Miss Nicky. OTher than walking to and from those dates, the only moving was at the cellular level as I spent the day reading and watching. Some highlights:
  1. I watched The Mighty Uke  (linked) which is a surprisingly moving and highly stimulating study of the ukulele and the highlights included a 19-year-old virtuoso from Hawaii and another who is 101 years old and a truly inspiring and remarkable man from Langley B.C. named Peter Luongo. Mr. Luongo is a master player/teacher and he is absolutely charismatic. I found him online and wrote him the love letter of my life and his response is a keeper.
  2. The current Vanity Fair contains two thoroughly depressing entertainment industry backstories: the debacle behind Rebecca and the machinations of the making of Brad Pitt's World War Z. These two stories depressed the hell out of me as a creative person and a writer as they revealed how strong a role the "marketing machine" plays in the making of contemporary entertainment. Read about Rebecca here (linked). Read about World War Z here (linked).
  3. I watched a TED Talk by David Blaines  (linked) and I would have said to anyone: "A story about a magician? Not interested!" But Mr. Blaines revealed himself to be a fascinating, bright, obsessive and gentle man with remarkable discipline and drive. He is a complex introvert and at the end, when he tries, in one sentence, to say what "magic" (or illusion) means to him, he chokes up and so did I.

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