Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday in the Best City in the World

What rain?  We are having the best Spring I can remember.

Wednesday and my hips are saying, "Give us a break." So Wednesday was a day to get some things done. First, I met with my friend and awesome cultural administrator Dawn to discuss a plan we are hatching to help my favourite charity, PAL Vancouver, become more successful with fundraising. That meeting went very well.

Then I met with a rep from a local theatre company who was "testing the waters" and I am excited even if it comes to nothing. The company is considering producing my play which I recently publicly workshopped. I am extremely hopeful but not expectant; I am in the perfect mindset.

In the evening, I went to The Flame, a storytelling collective I sometimes appear with but I left at the break  because two of the three first presenters were weak and nothing is worse than an open mike in front of an undisciplined speaker.

 I could look at flowers all day every day and never get bored. A friend recently sent me a link to an academic website studying the Birds of Paradise; they and flowers prove that God loves beauty.

See! God is the greatest artist. 

The city is finally addressing the bog problem around this popular but hideous piece of public art.

My hideous bitch within was seething with distaste for this young man with his pants BELOW his bum, his spitting and his habit of calling his girlfriend "bitch." How does this happen to young men? Too many music videos? I was disgusted by everything I saw on him and everything that came out of his mouth but then I realized the little monster had brought three friends to see a sculpture. That moves me and that is why I respect this vulgar public art installation.

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