Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday: YAY!

Yesterday was my ideal summer walking day: sunny and warm but not hot, a weekday (no crowds on the sidewalks or at my destination) and no agenda. My orientation to the familiar had me drawn to repeat the trip to Wreck Beach. I love it because after a long walk, I can chill at the beach for a bit and then walk back—or at least part way.

From standing up at my desk to depart to being on my blanket at the beach was 2.5 hours—I am in good shape! 

Seeing with new eyes. I have passed this little place on Broadway hundreds of times—perhaps over a thousand times and never noticed its charm until yesterday. Everything is maintained immaculately.

IN Vancouver, everything is a garden, even this little corner plot between a sidewalk and the curb for a fire hydrant.

 I watched bees enter these beautiful wild roses at the beach and they would be buzzing and almost frantic with delight at the amount of pollen. They would walk through the stamens like a kid giddy over being in a candy store with the clerk gone. It was like they were delighted/intoxicated. It was fascinating.

Can you say "Orange!"

I never tire of this spectacular view of my city when I walk back from UBC along the beaches. Plus, I walk almost the whole way on grass and I love that.

Looking ahead!

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