Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday: Big Walk

It was another perfect walking day on Saturday. Very thin and very high cloud allowed a nice warm heat to keep me nice and warm but not hot and I did not get burnt in spite of a long time on the road. 

I walked first my very familiar route over the Lions Gate Bridge to Park Royal in West Vancouver to meet my friends Bruce and Sid for lunch. Then I walked home the slow way along the seawall. It was heaven to be in perfect weather but it was Saturday, so of course the seawall was packed.

Once home, a quick bath and then off again to Sally's for a delicious dinner and a fabulous evening. Sally, bless her, made a sit down delicious dinner for nine people by herself. And the pate she made for hors d'oeuvres was the best I have ever eaten. And after, Maureen drove me home for a fabulous night sleep after all that walking.

 Salmon berries. Delicious.

The huckleberries are out very early this year.


 At the top of the bridge—in fact on every bridge here—there is an anti-suicide phone box.

 The north part of the seawall from the bridge. I go down the cliff to join it for a longer, slower walk home.

While at home having a bath, the annual nude bike ride went past my place.

I don't know what this tree is (above and below) but it has a fantastic musty/sweet smell that, as soon as I smell it, takes me back to 1954 in West Vancouver. I love the smell; it is a highly nostalgic smell for me and smell is a powerful memory prompter. 

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