Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday: Beach Walk

Monday was supposed to be wet so I began the day doing housecleaning in earnest. I now have air purifiers in two rooms in my tiny one-bedroom apartment and I work with one on my desk blowing filtered air at my face. The obsessive housecleaning is part of my compromise of being an asthmatic, having a cat and living downtown—the worst part being living downtown. One of the worst things for my asthma is the downtown air. It is full of rubber particles shed by the tires of moving vehicles; my most severe asthma attacks occurred by open windows.

But suddenly around noon—glorious, radiant sunshine! I jumped on the bus to UBC and went to Nitobe Classical Japanese Garden and then walked home with the warm sun on my back. I walked by the sea, far from the roads along a walk I have walked many, many times so few pictures today.

 These little bits of yellow lichen were lovely like a decorated tree.

I am loving windows I see in town that remind me of France.

I don't know what this is, but the blue berries are beautiful. Thanks to Theresa, I now know that this is Oregon Grape.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy following your walks, Chris. And this looks like one of the mahonias -- oregon grape is our native B.C. one but there are many others, some which are kind of tall and leggy, covered in yellow blossoms in February and then the berries about now. They're edible, if tart, but make a fabulous jelly to have with meat.