Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fabulous Sunday

Fabulous because:
  1. It was gloriously sunny.
  2. I walked from home to Cambie and S.W. Marine and then back to 49th and Cambie to take the Canada Line subway home.
  3. Then I went to dear friends Liz's and Tom's engagement party—driven there and back with Kitty and Alan whom I love.
  4. Then I went to bosom-buddy Dwight's place for pizza with his family.
The walk was nice because I left at 9:30am and there was practically no one on the street. And yes, I am a creature of habit—I love walking Cambie Street.

Mosaic in the sidewalk near Oakridge.

 A Sequoia on Cambie. I adore these trees. I love their symmetry and the way the branches begin at ground level. There is a grove of Sequoia near 57th and Cambie.

 The incredible structure of the Honeysuckle.

 The Dogwood is the official tree of BC and they are all in bloom right now.

 Look like anything?

 Liz' parent's incredible garden—30 years in the making (above and below).

The view from their deck.

Mel, the gardener. A warm, wonderful host and Liz's Dad. I am passionate about Liz. She once worked for me and I could spend all day every day with her.

 But she belongs to wonderful Thomas—a documentary film maker currently making a film about asteroids for National Geographic.

Dwight's potato and onion pizza.


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