Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday: Italian Day

My long-time and dear friend Chris is doing a majestic job of living in palliative care. My day began with visiting him in the company of Donna, Mary-Lou and Jennifer and we had a lovely, lovely visit. Life can be hard at times... so for a lift, I arranged to meet Leslie at Italian Days on Commercial Drive.

It was another beautiful day but Italian Day was crazy crowded—too crowded, so Leslie and I ducked into a lovely simple little Pho restaurant and had a lovely lunch and then basically left after patting a few adorable dogs and looking at lots of people. Then Les left and I walked home. A simple day in advance of Mad Men and the Tony Awards telecasts (the Tonys are a highlight of my year).

Above and below: Way, way too crowded for an infinite distance.

 Whenever I see this school, I feel like I am in the 1930s.

ABove and below are samples of the wares available for sale in Chinatown.

This Buddhist Temple is a charming place. The young son of a passionate volunteer who has Down Syndrome always welcomes me and loves to show me around.

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