Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home Schooling

Due to clouds, the appeal of my new Kitchen Aid mixer, my new desire to learn to bake and my love of macarons I have been baking since early this morning.

I read all I could and put the first batch in (above.)

They rose beautifully as this image (above) shows. I took it through the oven window. I adhered rigorously to the directions of the recipe but I left a pot cover over the burner with the vent and I think that is why I overcooked them.

In the image above, you can see the overcooked first batch; pooey. The pink is the second batch I made.

The second batch did not rise as well but they kept their colour but I am still not happy with their "feet" (the porous spongey lower layer). I am very pleased however with my surface. I sifted three times.

Even the low-risers look decent when the raspberry butter cream is added. I have not tasted them yet but how can butter, eggs, sugar and raspberries go wrong?

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Anonymous said...

The last photo looks like a window in Paris, waiting for a flaneur to venture in, order a macaron with a tiny cup of espresso, and feel like she's in heaven...