Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday: To Dianne's and Back

The route.

Another great day has dawned and although my legs are hideously blotched. I walked to friend Dianne's for lunch and to say "good-bye" to Jane and Dana who are heading to their cottage in Ontario as they do every summer. Then I walked home.

(The Golfers Vasculitis is a purpuric rash caused by the breaking of the capillary cell walls under the skin due to heat and pressure.   It is associated with a slight swelling of the rash and pain from the pooling of blood/fluids in the legs, particularly above the ankles.   It is not itchy.  It is not life threatening. (Purpura is a condition characterized by hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes that result in the appearance of purplish spots or patches.)

The walk was fabulous. I left at ten am and it is lovely to walk early on a Sunday morning when the streets and sidewalks are so quiet. this morning, I was struck by the sounds coming out of windows—all open because of how warm it is. Reggae music from one window, TV sports (it is Fathers' day), beautiful church bells ringing, the happy sounds of people at Playland—there were lots of lovely sounds, plus a few lawnmowers and leaf blowers.

Lunch with Dianne, her daughter Ashlee and Dana and Jane was wonderful as life always is in their company.

This building was once Eaton's, then Sears and soon it will be Nordstrom's.  It was a huge white-tile toilet looking building and now it is getting refitted (thank God).

Past The Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden.

To East Pender where there are houses very close to the street like in a small town. I loved it.

Another one.


Another being renovated.

 Some of vancouver's original street.

Not an inch wasted.



A water park I have never seen before.

Banana blossom in June!

 A beautiful median on East Pender.

A home on East Pender.
For rent!

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