Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wet, Blue Monday

After the morning monsoon I was surprised to see a break in the clouds at 2:00 pm so I was out the door on a quest for supplies to improve my macaron baking. I got the scale and pastry bag that I wanted and scored a (cheater) bonus. I found a silicone mat for making macarons. I didn't even know they existed.

I also found this FUN blog about baking.

These rainy days are typical for June (which is sometimes called Junuary here) but walking in iffy weather is a treat. No sunburn, no concern for overheating, no "golfer's legs," no sweat and barely anyone on the street. And it is nice and warm.

Tonight (Tuesday) my summer term begins at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. My last term ended February 27th so I have had a very long break from students and marking. Tonight when I walk into my classroom there will be seventeen strangers waiting. It's like speed dating but you have to go out with everyone you meet for two months. I am gun-shy after many many terms.

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