Friday, June 14, 2013

Walking in the Kitchen

A recent New Yorker had an interesting article about a man who has "invented" the treadmill desk like the one pictured above. I can't imagine all that jiggling while working, but he and many others have made the transition. I have no interest in such a desk—what I love about walking is the physical, spiritual and intellectual stimulation it brings—but the article did make me realize (again) how many calories I burn from being active. Stasis is not a normal state for me; marijuana and the company of friends slow me down.

Thursday involved walking to Whole Foods (paradise) for corn flower. I had looked everywhere and been unable to find it. And then to Canadian Tire to buy my first Mandolin. I am not a fan of time-saving devices; I like detail work but what I wanted to do required even apple strips. Then I walked to Granville Island for lunch with my friend David and then home to cook my apple rose tarts.

 This is fluff pastry with a custard in the bottom made of egg, thick cream, lemon juice and rind, sugar, corn flower and grated apple. Then I boiled apple slices in apple juice and sugar with some cinnamon and cloves to form the rosettes. Brushed with glaze from the distilled apple juice and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. This was my first attempt and I had no recipe. I had just seen photos and wanted to make some myself.

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