Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Am Oven Mature

When you can't walk, sit and study an empty oven. That's what I did for much of this morning. Why? WEll here is what I learned: Turn my oven on to $300° and it will go to 325° for about six minutes then it will reheat and go to 235° for about seven and a half minutes. All morning I have been setting temperatures and then watching and timing the results so that I can cook macarons for a controlled time and (as mush as possible) in a constant temperature. To do that means being a temperature dial deejay. I   use the dial to control the burners; I turn it off and on and use a cover on the vent to control the cooking temperature.

The afternoon involved learning how to use the scale to get the right amount of material without weighing the bowl. I have weighed all the ingredients for my next test batch. Also, I have egg whites that are already 24 hours aged. I will let them reach room temperature for four hours before I cook my next batch.

My reward for all this diligence: I found a local source of hazelnut flour. I am now set to succeed.

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