Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday: A Shorty

I am weak. I am uninspired when it is grey and dull outside. I just slobbed my way through the day until the sun broke through at three o'clock. With no time to think, I headed to the Stanley Park Seawall but today I went "backwards."

I walk the seawall forty-to-fifty times a year—always in the same direction so I don't have to face all the bikers and roller skaters. It feels more private when they see my back. But today I was moved to go the other way until the sun disappeared again.

 This is the community garden right across the street from me. It is very successful and always a beehive of activity.

 This gorgeous pool is in the park. It is huge and cleaned with ozone, not bleach.

 This fellow, with a feeling heart, built a heart made of rocks for his girl.

 A dragon kite at English Bay.

My local market is impossible to pass without getting fruit. My faces—cherries—are plentiful right now.

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