Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rain. So Chris buys happiness.

Because today was horrid.... I went by bus to Canadian Tire to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer (can you feel my love). I found the exact one I wanted in a glorious colour for $499. When I got there, there were none in the colour I wanted but I noticed that the even better version of the mixer (the Prof) was on sale and I got it for just under $350! I got it to make macarons.

To really score with the macarons, I want some flour made from hazelnuts and I called and searched online everywhere. No luck, so I used my grinder to pulverize some raw hazelnuts that I planned to grind with a mortar an pestle but it is too oily to make into flower and I could not find a way to dry it so  now I am waiting for my $38 bag of hazelnut flower to arrive from Vermont.
Oh my God ... Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz is the most fulfilling read I have enjoyed in a long, long time. I am an animal fanatic and this profoundly interesting book is extremely aptly titled plus, Ms Horowitz is as clever a writer as she is a scientist—and that is her approach in this treasure. She is a Godsend for  everyone who loves dogs and life.


Anonymous said...

I love my KitchenAid -- though I don't (alas) have the Prof... I think of the two or three cheap mixers I burned out making shortbread over the years and wish I'd bought it when we were a family of five and I was baking for same on a very regular basis.
Let us know how your macarons turn out? I had one the other day in Wilson Creek, at the Strait coffee bar, and it had a Cassis buttercream tucked between two pretty pink macarons. So delicious.

Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

Hi Theresa! I made the macarons tonight and got to use my new mixer. YAY! And I am pleased with the results in terms of the textures and structure, but the colour bleached out so... I learn. Tomorrow, the raspberry butter cream filling and then assembly.