Monday, June 10, 2013

I had a dentist appointment in Lynn Valley this morning at 10:00 am so I bussed over knowing I would be able to walk home—and it's a walk I love. Grand Boulevard is a fabulous downhill walk with a stunning view. And once on the road, it was so lovely to be "on the road" with my backpack on my back I walked over the bridge instead of taking the Sea Bus. And dinner tonight will be a blast—bestie Bruce, Michael (an ex) and Neil who is a brilliant host.

 The scent of angels.

This is Presentation House Gallery. It is a non-profit photography gallery. Somewhere around 1978, I founded it and it is thriving. I established the mandate of photography. The centre also has a theatre that I designed, built. and ran for six years.

Above and below: the cliff near Siwash Rock in Stanley Park.

A log on the beach.

 The shot above and the next two below are Gunera leaves. It is a HUGE plant with a hairy/prickly surface that looks prehistoric. This one is already 3.5 metres high. 

The Ginko is amazingly adaptive and has beautiful sculptural leaves.

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