Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rita Goes to Hospital

Today was a fabulous modest walking day that began and ended spectacularly.

The day began with an email telling me my play is under consideration for production at a local theatre. Awesome!

I walked in perfect weather to Brock Fahrni Pavillion where Rita lives—she who is ninety years old—to take her to Dr. Kirstir's office for a check up on her macula. It went very well. Funny note: Dr. Andrew Kirster shares his office with two other eye specialists and one of them is Dr. Andrew Merster. I don't make these things up.

On the way home, I went to The Right Shoe and bought myself two pairs of new running shoes that, with my new orthotics, complete my new smart foot packaging. All my adult life I bought size shoes; these shoes were professionally fit by experts working with my orthotics centre next door and they are size eleven and a half. It wasn't vanity, the problem, it was ignorance.

I LOVE my new shoes.

 Wolfe Street has some incredible stately old homes. This one stood out and is for sale. 

 The beautiful Beth Israel Synagogue on Oak Street is completely gutted as part of a massive rebuilding (above and below).


Pinks, as my mother called them, provided me with my first nasal orgasm. 

 My route to Rita took me right past the theatre considering my script.

A reminder of Nice, my second home on the Cote d'Azure where the poppies grow like this.

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