Monday, November 14, 2016


I love Sundays. Once they were no school, Ed Sullivan days. Then no work Masterpiece Theatre days. Today it was dress details and The Durrells in Corfu.
I finally finished the pearl dress. The back catches were a challenge to do because I cut through the whole dress thinking I would have to put it on a hangar. But now I’m intent on a proper form for every dress.
I saw some gold pipe cleaners in the party shop so I got some and used them, pushed through pearls, as fasteners on the dress back and I love it. (See above.)
I also did some interior work that no one will ever see on the cardinal dress. Why? Because I’m anal and sometimes I wish I weren’t but, on the other hand, being anal yields the petals and pearls in all their glory.
Today I’m getting a new mannequin for the cardinal dress. I can hardly wait. I am really excited about seeing it properly hung and accessorized. The mannequin I am getting has arms. I am thinking of adding a bare tree branch to the cardinal installation with a couple of paper leaves on it and on the floor.
The peacock dress got damaged taking it off and putting back on over the crinoline so repairing it was really satisfying. And now I have to repais Vivicean’s dress. It needs quite a bit of work as it was worn for eight performances.  
Then the cheerleader and I can hardly wait. I have written her letter; I know her story. She’ll be dress #5.
Last night I did my whole Flame speech. It is all still in my head.

It's the most beautiful troupe l'oeil I have ever seen.

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