Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Flamed Bright

It was hard getting started. I had to take deep breaths often but it didn’t really affect my delivery. I can’t remember if I got everything out — I think I may have. There were glitches and I was fifth to speak — the last speaker before intermission.
When I did the bit that is RICH with consonance, a rap-like bit that is a definite wake-up-and-take-notice oral riff, people cheered and applauded.
At the end, there was really enthusiastic applause. Some people even stood; I have never seen that before at the flame. However, I went to my seat and shivered and shook and took deep breaths. It took all I had not to lose it. I was so incredibly stressed. I am still feeling angina pain.
But people were incredibly generous. A lovely man who gave me his card wants to see me at TED-X. A woman bought me a drink. Another woman, a speech therapist, introduced herself and started crying.
All I remember was focusing on my speaking and remembering the words. But I won’t forget the after effects. I was in rough shape but I will never forget sitting in my chair at the end while people were lining up to say the nicest things they could muster — a person who cannot speak being praised to the rafters for their speech. Imagine.
It was all done in my singsong Rand voices. I am still stunned. And happy. I am proud and I am really glad its over.
Easily the best part of the evening is the creative confidence boost it has given me. There were a couple of women there who’d seen my dresses and they were very expressive about them so the night was a real high and now I am seriously keen to do more dresses. I am very glad of that. I know my dresses are going to take me someplace interesting.

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