Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The time-killer

On the apron strings: "An apron is a cape on backwards."

“It’s imbalanced.”
“How so?”
 “He is all I have but for him I’m just a time-killer until someone better comes along.”
Truer said: He’s a straight fellow who enjoys my company between women.
His absence is hurting this time. It means he’s met someone. Sometimes he disappears for months; it’s been like this for a decade. But this time his absence is loud in my head.
Perhaps it's the season. I have a “hold your breath” feeling about this time of year — I always anticipate Margo Channing’s admonition of a coming “bumpy ride.” I plan to bury myself in my show.
This is the text for the bodice of the apron.

I was almost finished the needlepoint I need for the apron when I decided — it’s so easy to make tough decisions in the morning — to reject all you see and it’s attendant pain. I junked hours and hours of work that I’ll consider my research or practice. This morning I went online and found black aida cloth and I’m going to re-do this in white yarn. Sigh. But then I got into this wanting to kill time..
That’s me. The time-killer.

The incredible Leigh Bowery

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