Friday, November 18, 2016

My Fingers Ache / TED Continues

My hands and fingers hurt, as does my right forearm; it’s from doing the endless needlework. Today is the fourth day in a row that I have spent almost the entire day sewing yarn into plastic mesh.
When I look at the wool in the sunshine I feel it. I feel the beauty of the colour; I feel like I do when I look at my buddy, Leon (my cat).
And you can see how crude it is but I don’t care. You get the idea. And when it goes on the breast of a uniform, it will get lost in the impact of the whole uniform.
I am happy with it and I am really happy to be working with wool. I cannot imagine myself knitting. Never. Horrid. There’s no pattern here, just an idea in my head and I’m winging it and that is what I love to do. But I do love the feel of the wool and using such a classic medium.
But those colours; they are delicious.
And today I am getting a couple more mannequins with arms. They look fabulous with arms. I’m going to move the peacock dress onto one today and blue her arms to match the dress.
I am fully into making this a show. I am going to accessorize some of the dresses too, but not till all the dresses are done and the script is finished. Then I will do all the finishing touches.
The script I am writing is not the script for the play. It is a draft: A door opener. Instead of me talking (which is so difficult for me to do), I can give people photos of my costumes and the draft script to read. Together they will be far more effective than me improvising an oral pitch.
I will pitch to solicit partners. I may pitch to theatres or galleries or to actors to form a collective. I cannot do it alone.
And it is the same with TED-X. I heard from the team again. Their interest in me has not waned and we are again engaged in developing an approach strategy.
My future is getting interesting.

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