Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pearl's Back In and with Salmon!

I was silent all day Tuesday. I cleaned up in advance of J&B coming and did some sewing on the cheerleader crest. At about 5:30 I thought I would try talking out loud before they arrived and my stutter was gone.
It was revelation. As I kept talking, I could feel myself “pop” into my old stuttering ways, but if I paused for a millisecond and started again, I’d be fine. It was a first and just short of eight months after losing my voice.
It stayed strong all night with John and Bunny. I still had blips of challenge and I suspect it will come back if I am stressed, but talking alone at home has always been impossible so last night’s “achievement” was, it seems to me, significant and hopeful. Now I believe I will lose my speech problem — if not permanently and totally then when I am with friends and unstressed.
I looked at the pearl dress this morning and thought: It’s back in. So … it’s back in. More important: I have a new one. I am really stoked about the Salmon dress. That will be number eight (with the pearl dress back in). I am really excited about the salmon and wheat dresses. They are so Canadian.
I’m thinking Igloo dress for #9. And now I have only one more to dream up to get to number ten. There may be twelve, but if there are to be twelve the last two will be built after I finish the script. I’m of a mind to have a person I know over for tea. She runs a theatre company for seniors and I think I will pitch my play to her in the presence of my spectacular properties.
If her company, Western Gold, were to produce my play, Trump wouldn’t matter.


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