Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Making a Cheerleader Chest Crest

This is me making a cheerleader chest crest.
I saw some plastic shelf anti-slip plastic so I bought a sheet of it plus four skeins of wool in the colours I plan to use for my cheerleader costume.
As usual, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and that was to kind of “hook’ a rug into the holes of the plastic mat to get a kind of pile carpet effect with which to make the chest insignia for her sweater. It didn’t work. My plan As often don’t work.
So then I tried a kind of weaving I invented. Basically, I just sew up through each hole to bind more wool I lay across the mat surface. I have no idea what you would call what I am doing — perhaps it’s kind of like a padded embroidery. Regardless of what you might call it, I am pleased with it and it will take me ages to do — and that is what I like.
I have doubts about the wisdom of what I am doing and I often think that a show will never happen. That’s okay. On the other hand, if one emerges, that would be a lot of fun. And that is how I feel about the TED talks thing.

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