Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tidied Up

In the bedroom.

I tidied up because John and Bunny are coming for dinner. Having guests gets me to clean and tidy up but it’s going to get harder as the dresses build up.
I’ve never liked the Christmas season but this season I will enjoy working through it undisturbed on costumes.
When the wheat comes, things are going to get really challenging.  
Well, we’re getting closer to TED. My friend has written to former Olympian Charmaine Crooks who is a TED-x Vancouver advisor. So we should be on the verge of learning about how TED selects its speakers. It’s an exciting development; we’re a step closer to making a pitch for me to speak.
I got a letter yesterday from Access Copyright saying I earned $179.55 this year. That’s royalties from library borrowings of my (out of print) book published in 2008. I’m stunned that I am still earning income from that project.
The last time I went to Dr. Shoja was one of the worst days since April. When she saw me, she asked; “Has something happened recently” The answer was, No.
So she asked if I was nervous about seeing her. I have never ever had anxiety about seeing her. Why would I? I always feel better after I see her. But last time was truly brutal. Still, I head into tomorrow when I see her next, with confidence.

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