Monday, November 28, 2016

Sunny Monday

I was wonderfully and positively affected by Monday’s glorious afternoon sunshine. I went out to UBC to return the cardiac monitor and walked much of the way home under a semi-cloudy sky. On the way home, I got another beret. I love berets and now I am old enough not to lose them.
I spent part of the afternoon tidying up for Robin’s visit. She came for drinks and then we went out to dinner. It was a delight cleaning in the bright low winter sunlight (that so effectively shows up winter dust balls).
Besides chasing dust balls, I discovered that I’m centimeters from competency. I tried to deposit some cheques using my iPhone app — I can barely believe I both wrote and can do that, I feel so technically challenged at times — but it didn’t work. The bank had changed their software.
“Fixing your problem is easy,” said a recorded voice, so I listened to her instructions that seemed pointless once I was underway and looking at unpredicted interfaces.
Eventually I got the new app downloaded and then I joined the multitudes sharing fish and wine on the hill. But then I couldn’t find all my music on iTunes.
What is going to happen? What’s it going to be like? Tick tock, tick tock: It feels like I have gone from wisenheimer to Alzheimer’s in one arrhythmic heartbeat. Soon I’ll be unable to do many things.
In a couple of days I am going to post photos of the needlework I have done over the past ten days. It is likely going to take weeks for my right thumb and several fingers to feel at peace with me. When I finish, I suspect I will celebrate by cutting the paper to make the cheerleader pompoms.
I’ve been collecting “things I wish I’d said” that may become part of a “regret” dress. And I’ve been contemplating a marijuana dress, so there may be twelve dresses in my exhibition.

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