Friday, November 11, 2016

Hudson's Visit

I had such a great, great day on Thursday.
Hudson (age 13) arrived at around 10:30 am. Costin was here helping me fix the lights on my aquarium, but once that work was done we went to Eddie’s Hangup and got a couple of mannequins and the tissue paper I need for the cheerleader outfit.
Then we went to the Circle Craft Christmas Fair where I had more fun than I have had in months. We visited every booth and had lunch. I loved meeting the crafts persons and seeing their wares. I was smitten with a woodworker from whom I bought yet another cutting board and a full size glorious wooden canoe paddle!
Then we came home for a bit of a rest and then we went to Ancora for dinner. He said it was the finest dining he’d ever had. We talked all through the meal about being the only fully functional child in a family with three children.
One of his siblings has Downs syndrome and the other has a much more severe set of disabilities and the poor little guy is feeling lost in his family. I think taking him to a fine dining experience at Ancora was a perfect plan I think he felt special.
I listened to him, checking carefully with him that I understood him by repeating what I understood from him back to him so that he could correct me if I was wrong. And I praised his insight, eloquence and understanding because he deserved it.
It made me feel so good to be trusted across so many generations. I could not love him more.

Hudson made this film of my aquarium.

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