Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Need to Define My Purpose

Today Hudson comes to stay. He is thirteen and he’s the third generation of a family I seconded myself to decades ago.
Chris is the paterfamilias. I discovered him working for my father. He was a construction worker doing typesetting type for my Dad, so when I got a grant to design and build the theatre at Presentation House in North Vancouver, I hired him away from Dad.
Then through him, I met Frani, his wife, Jessica, his daughter, and Jake, his brand newborn son. I adored Jake and couldn’t stand Jessica.
As Jessica grew so did my love for her. Soon, she was like a surrogate daughter for me. There is absolutely nothing between us. I adore her. She comes to stay often, as do her parents.
Generation three, Hudson, arrives around 10:30. I am taking him to award-winning Ancora restaurant for dinner and today, he will help me with my costumes. (I cannot add the pearl footing on the dress without help.) And tonight is a sleep over. I cherish these moments in my life.
Christine is chugging away at the TED pitch and she’s proposing that we pitch my speech to two other organizations.  I’ve told them that I need a companion at any event for which they line me up to speak and that I’d welcome coaching on the integrity of my speech and delivery. There are five on the team and the team is pitching to three organizations.
I’ve decided I have to write a “purpose paper” on my play. I have to articulate a worthy objective so that I can be certain that it is not about merely getting attention.
The challenge right now is to write an explanation as to why the dresses — the essential central properties of the play — are made of paper. Think about it.

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