Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Notes from my Desk

Holy fuck America!
I’ve applied for pre-authorization from my health insurer for an assessment with Columbia Speech & Language Services, Inc. in case they can improve my speech. It’s $450 for a two-hour assessment of my speech, a written report and of their potential to assist in the improvement of my speech.
Steve M. is a warm wonderful man. He is the man who approached me at The Flame to say I should do my speech at TED-X and he came here yesterday to visit. We had a really lovely visit today and we talked about pitching to TED. We are a team of five and we are developing our pitch together on Google Docs. It is hugely interesting, rewarding and fun to have embarked on this journey.
Yesterday was incredibly warm. When I woke up it was 16°; we got to 18° in the afternoon. It was remarkable.
I’ve a bit of a disaster with my pearl dress. I glued part of it to the material covering the Styrofoam on the mannequin. The most wonderful part of my visual artwork — and this has always been the case — I have no qualms about cutting it to get it off and fixing it later. I am not a perfectionist with my crafts.
Progress is slow on the script for the dresses. I am not surprised.  
I was a technical writer for decades. And when I had actual jobs with titles — never for very long — it was always as a founder and my focus was writing policies, forms, advertising, contracts, grant applications and interim and final project reports. When I worked for the government, I wrote speeches; I’ve written software manuals and game instructions, too. I know a lot about form and structure.
But writing for a performance in which there is to be a lot of improvisation is a challenge. I am inventing this form as I do it.

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