Monday, November 21, 2016

Revision Progress

First of all: Photos of my work do not impress; seeing it in person is a totally different and much better experience.

I’ve been working hard, having rejected a lot of the work I’d completed. The new bodice of the peacock dress isn’t as intricate and show-offy as was the woven one I did first, but this one works I think. I am certainly satisfied with it and I can use the weaving technique on another dress —probably the cheerleader dress. (You can see the old version to the lower right.)
It ain't finished but boy it took a lot of time.
Some megaphone has to extend to the left of the "F."
And as for the cheerleader dress, I am really pleased with my new crest. (it isn’t finished in the photo above.) It is better looking than my first attempt and it has a punch the other one didn’t — the firt one provoked the question: “What’s the “R” stand for?” Few friends will ask me what the new letters stand for.
With the crest done, I think the pompoms may be next, then the skirt and then the sweater. I am always nervous starting a new costume.
I haven’t heard back from the insurance company to know if they will pay for an assessment for me at Columbia Speech Centre. It’s less an assessment of my condition that it is a study into whether or not therapy will improve my speech.
And fuck. I need new glasses. My right eye will not focus.
And on Friday, I get the heart halter attached to me for twenty-four hours.

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