Friday, November 4, 2016

The Pearl Dress Has No Pearls (Yet)

The beginning of the "pearl dress." At least one dress in the show has to be tight. 
My plan it to attach the pearls only to the bodice of the dress. 
Other embellishments may come. 

Patrick, Christine and Steve were at The Flame on Wednesday night. After I spoke, Christine said to Steve, “Chris should do his talk at TED-X.”
At intermission, Steve told me what Christine had said. At the time, I was unable to reply. Right after my speech, I was so stressed my speech was gone but I thanked him like a Buddhist, putting my hands in the prayer position and bowing my head.
On Thursday the emails were flying and here is where we are:
  • Dianne, who was with me and who worked at Cap, is talking with her former colleagues who have contacts with TED staff.
  • Christine and Steve are going to lead a coordinated effort to pitch me to TED-X.
  • Patrick is contacting Interesting Vancouver and Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon, to propose me for a speaker at these events as well.
  • Joel (from The Flame) is providing us with a tape recording of my speech last Wednesday night to include with the pitches we make.
Take a risk and you never know what your rewards will be. And what irony: I lose my voice and am appreciated as a public speaker.
I am not taking any of this too seriously but I am enjoying the experience of meeting strangers who want to experience some extraordinary opportunities together — whatever happens will happen to all of us not just me.
I’m actually underway on the pearl dress but so far there’s no pearls. It’s going okay but its far too early for enthusiasm.
I’m a bit daunted by the enormity of the project I’ve undertaken but, at the same time, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that nothing need come of this idea. It’s lovely to shop for paper or to be working on a dress/costume inside while its cold and/or wet outside.
I know what’s next: The cheerleader costume. I’m really excited about designing and making a school crest for her sweater and the pleated dress. It will be my fifth dress and I’ll be half way to my goal for the exhibition. Imagine that — half way through the costumes already. I can’t quite believe it.

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