Friday, November 25, 2016

TED is On Track

YAY: The TED advisor we contacted for advice has invited us se send a pitch to her. TED-X Vancouver happens early next year.
YAY: I’m very happy with the text I am sewing for the apron. Like I always say:  It has to be “good enough,” not perfect and this is easily good enough for my hopes and expectations.
*UCK! My insurer has refused to share in the cost of an assessment at Columbia Speech Clinic. I was raging inside when I read it. I had horrid thoughts of revenge on the healthy mindless compassionless members of the adjudication committee (likely one unhappy miserable person) who decided my needs were ineligible.
But instead of buying a gun and hunting them down, I threaded a needle and started working on the apron text. There are twelve and one half lines of text to sew. Yesterday, I did one line. It takes forever and I love that.
*UCK: I’m losing interest in the script for my Defiant Dress project. Now, I’m more interested in just an exhibition of the dresses and in doing more dresses. Yesterday I wrote a letter for a mermaid dress because I love the idea of making one so I’ll have to choose between the salmon and the mermaid. The salmon is a sensible idea; the mermaid is much more fun to think of doing.

24 hours like this. The tape is itchy.

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