Monday, November 21, 2016

Peacock Dress FINISHED

The last walk (for walking’s sake) that I took was Sept. 4th. I’ve become Mr. Stay-at-Home but today (Monday) there was blue sky — something rarely seen here, of late — so I decided to walk the wall.
It took a lot longer than it used to and it felt more like work than ever before, but I did it. I’m not keen to do it again any time soon. I am a weaker man, but I needed a break from sitting on my butt doing crafts.
When I got home I ordered some organic wheat online — 500 individual (dried) shafts of wheat so now I have all the materials I need to finish three more “dresses:” The cheerleader uniform, the apron, the blood dress and the wheat dress. When they are all done, I will have six out of ten dresses for the exhibition done — seven if I use the pearl dress.
I am happy (and relieved) to find myself content with the new peacock dress bodice. That dress is now truly finished (See above).
I tidied up my living room/dining room; it functions as my studio. John and Bunny are coming over Tuesday night and so I have squirreled away all my supplies. It is getting crowded in here and there’s another mannequin in the car.
I am clearly not going to be doing entertaining until this show happens. I have no room. But there will always be room for guests to join me for drinks and canapés.

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