Saturday, November 19, 2016

Major Revisions

I want to recover some of my costs. By the time I am finished, I will have spent about $1,700 on just the mannequins so a show is an objective— either an exhibition with a donation box or a show that is as much a performance as it is an exhibition — perhaps an Equity co-op production with friends seduced by the idea, a finished script and photos of my dresses.
I decided the peacock dress needed to go on the new mannequin I picked up yesterday morning so I had Dwight over for lunch again yesterday and we moved the dress. It looks incredible (to me) on the new form (it has arms) but the bodice doesn’t fit so I have a major re-working of that piece to do.
We talked about the show too and Dwight was frank: He loves the peacock dress and really loves the cardinal dress — I think it’s his favourite — but he hates the pearl dress.
So the pearl dress is out. I can’t believe it. It took a lot of money and time but it’s a failure. I will keep it though; it will go in the lobby or at the door.
And my cheerleader crest — now almost finished after, perhaps, sixty hours of sewing — is out too. It’s toast.
And Vivicean’s wedding dress? Gone! I will recreate a white dress and add the blood but it will not be a wedding dress. It will be the blood dress.
I understand far better what I am doing with the dresses now. The “defiance” is in the story and each dress needs a really striking visual element that is hand-made or be of a material normally used for couture. So here’s where I’m at:
  • Peacock dress: done but in need of alterations
  • Cardinal dress: Done!
  • Cheerleader uniform: To be re-started.
  • Apron: Materials in hand.
  • Blood dress: To be completely redone.

So #6 will be a wheat dress: full stalks for the dress and only grains for the bodice. I can hardly wait. And #7 may be collaged candy wrappers.

The buttons! The open clasp on the jacket! Yum.

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