Wednesday, October 14, 2020

"Bill's Squash are in Nesters"

Tuesday was a great day. The sun, low in the Winter sky, really lights up my house, which is great compensation for the shorter days. The cats love it. (In Summer my house is pretty dark, and nice and cool.) 

I did a bit of shopping and we had some great walks. The afternoon trek was wonderful because the sun was so warm. Honestly, I think forest walks have become as vital to me as has the hot tub; both are something I want to have in my life forever. Oh yea … and mobility.

Otherwise, I read the day away, had a nice spa, watched the last of Britain’s Best Home Cook, and went to bed with Sheba and my novel. 

My book, Shantaram, (Gregory Roberts) is over nine hundred pages!

Today has dawned clear and bright; our dog walking this morning was beautiful and dry. When I came home, I went into the village to fetch things from the post office and the pharmacy and the rest of the day will be spent cleaning up the forest fall in the yard. 

One large branch has fallen and broken my fence and done serious damage to one of my Maple trees. So, I’m glad it’s a sunny day because there’s a lot to go out there. To fix the fence, I’m going to have to get permission to go into my neighbour’s yard.

I’ve seen small communities in countless television shows and movies over the years, but it’s another thing to live in one. I had no idea what it was like to live in a community where everyone knows the same stores.

When we went for our walk this morning, I overheard someone telling someone else that the produce of a local farmer was available in our grocery store. It struck me that this is news here, it’s discussed, because it’s understood we all shop at the same store.

I know my small life here is not for everyone, but it certainly appeals to me.


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