Monday, October 12, 2020

Tsunami from Heaven

Sunday, that began without a cloud in the sky. The sun was bright and warm on a cold morning, but soon it was dark and wet. It was the first day I’ve worn a coat since Spring. As we finished a long dry forest walk, the rain began, and it pretty much rained the rest of the day.

I went grocery shopping and when I got home, I had that wonderful lift in mood that comes from entering a warm dry place (with animals who come running) when I’m cool and damp. I love the joy of having fresh groceries in my bags, beautiful mellow piano music on my radio and the fire ablaze. 

I bought two more nice thick books on Amazon, and in the evening I started the second season of Britain’s Best Home Cook (that I adore).

Today is sunny again and we’re likely to have sunshine all week (except tomorrow). One day soon, I’ll get my butt in gear and get back to work on the curtain, but I’m enjoying my mega novel too much to stop reading it every day. Plus, given the weather, lots of walks are in order.

Sheba and I joined Di, Regina and Stacey for our morning forest walk; we were all in excellent spirits, thanks to the sunshine and forest fragrances. But it was the first day I needed a hat.

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