Friday, October 16, 2020

Pinecone Park Fully Restored

Yesterday’s beautiful morning slowly disappeared as a canopy of cloud rolled in, foreshadowing a return of the Monsoons, so I got to work on clearing the forest fall from the yard immediately after walking Her Highness. Within seconds, I was overjoyed just to be outdoors again—and not at all cold. 

I feel good about my husbanding of the yard and gardens; the plants are as friends to me, so removing forest fall and attending to exposed roots and stem tears is work I actually enjoy. To fix my fence, I have to go into the neighbour’s yard, so I’ve written to ask permission to go in to fix it on a dry day. 

Once done, it was lovely to relax in the afternoon, just reading. The rain held off all day, so we were able to enjoy a good romp in the park together in the afternoon.

It’s still dark as I post this, but I can see stars in the sky. Showers are predicted, but we may be spared—at least until after this morning’s dog walk with Regina and Di.

My plan for today is to get back to work on the curtain in the studio. I’m really looking forward to being on my feet, using my hands and listening to the CBC, warmed by a nice fire in the wood stove.

An un-retouched photo taken during an Arctic summer night.

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