Tuesday, October 6, 2020

New Lawn

The top photo, above, shows you how the backyard looked before I undertook to transform it. I took the photo at this time of year, three years ago, just after Daryl finished building the fence and I’d removed a large pile of construction materials piled between the three trees on the right that had been left by the previous owner.

What you’re looking at is basically a huge sheet of sandstone covered in years of built up forest fall. Decades of needles, branch caps, cones and twigs cover the rock and opportunistic weeds and vines root in the decaying vegetation. 

The second photo is of the area around my fruit trees that I worked on this Spring and Summer. I burned a great many calories tilling the barrens dirt and then schlepping dump trucks full of rich new soil onto the land before seeding it a few weeks ago. Today, I will try to cut the grass for the first time.

The lowest photo shows you the area now. I moved here three years ago, tomorrow. (The fruit tree area is way in the back corner.)

Clouds rolled in Monday morning, so dog walking was less inspiring than I’d hoped. But because today is Regina’s birthday, we ended our walk by torturing her with our singing of the Happy Birthday song at the end of our walk.

We came home and I dove into my book, napped, and then arose to clear skies and brilliant sunshine, so ked Her Highness and I went to the park for a walk and to play ball.

And after that, I lit the fire and settled down on the couch with my wonderful eight hundred-page tome.

Today will be another lovely day, as will tomorrow. I’m making plans to have lunch with my friend Patsy tomorrow for come Friday, damp, dull, cooler and showery weather is predicted to come and last a long time.

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