Friday, October 30, 2020

Three Days of Glory

I woke up calmer yesterday. With all the painting done, I slept longer and deeper through the night. I stayed busy all day, walking Sheba and doing more minor decorating. Yesterday’s task was replacing the cheap, ugly faded knobs on all the bifold doors in the house with nice new shiny glass door pulls.

Of course, a seemingly simple task was far more complicated because the owners installed super cheap hollow doors. I had to take some of the doors apart to change the knobs to align the parts of the new pulls. But it’s done, and what a lovely difference it makes.

It was grey but lovely and mild all day yesterday, but last night there was a mighty wind and so, of course, I was worried about losing power, but the lights were on when I got up this morning at nine. And when I went out for wood, bright moonlight guided my steps. The sky is crystal clear. We're in for three spectacular days!

Today’s task is a thorough cleaning of the car. Soon, I’m going to get some minor body work done on it that has to be done before I sell it. I contacted two Nanaimo Ford dealers and left my name with a salesperson, asking to be notified if they obtain a used Transit Connect.

When we respected those of differing opinions. 

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