Monday, October 5, 2020

Ho Hum

Sunday, Ethel came a callin’ as I sat reading on the sofa. She’s been increasingly attentive lately.

Neither Ethel nor Fred like to be picked up; they are not cuddlers. They show their affection readily, however, by running to greet me, purring even in response to speech, plenty of conversation (they are both talkers) and constant proximity. But yesterday, something made me pick Ethel up and cuddle her on my chest. She stayed for about fifteen minutes. It was wonderful!

And so is reading a good book. I just love being warm and cozy and engaged by great writing. I re-arranged my bookcase yesterday, removing everything that wasn’t books and putting all my unread ones together for easy access this Winter. One of them is my friend, Beth’s new memoire that will be fun to read. But first, I must finish this massive (and wonderful) A Little Life.

It didn’t rain at all on Sunday, so I had to do some watering, and late in the day, the sky cleared. Last night, Flesh and Blood started on PBS and I’m happily hooked already. It feels good to be able to watch a tasty English drama again on Sunday nights.

This morning’s walk will be nice and dry and warm. And when I come home, I plan to light the fire in the studio and work on the curtain.

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