Saturday, October 31, 2020

To the Studio!

My car was filthy! With us getting into it after our several daily forest walks, and her with her Velcro pelt, the inside was a horror: The floor mats, handle wells and seat creases were full of pebbles, Fir needles, pitch and enough sand to make a beach. As for the outside: Well, we have dirt roads and lots of rain.

But man-oh-man does it look good now! And when I was done, I tidied and brought beautiful order to the shed. Everything is in its place. When you go inside, the big thing you see is the wall of wood. It’s ceiling high along the back wall and one side If you look ‘round, you’ll see the other big things: The ladders, the garden tools, the big honking red generator, the freezer, summer outdoor furniture, lawn mower, power tools, deck heater, recycling bins, etc. etc. It’s a busy building.

And my studio is just as full. I have fifteen mannequins, tubs and tubes full of supplies, a sofa bed, dresser with a television on it, chairs and a huge four-by-eight-foot worktable and shelves full of jars of stuff I use for crafting. And a wood stove. 

And then there’s my three-bedroom, two-bathroom house all furnished for comfort and delight. And I came from a seven-hundred square foot condo. Can you imagine how much I’ve acquired? I’ve bought a lot of stuff and downsizing again is ahead (sooner or later). But I’m really set-up well here now and using all my things and space. 

Today—yay—I spend all day in the studio. I’m really looking forward to it. And, of course, there’ll be dog walks.

So handsome and classy! R.I. P. Mr. Bond.

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