Sunday, October 25, 2020

More Painting! Yum!

I love painting! Who knew? I had another fabulous day yesterday, painting the kitchen. My playlist consisted of Jacub Orlinski, Jeremy Dutcher, Vivaldi and Gregorian chants. It was a spectacularly sunny day and the low Winter sun filled my kitchen with light. But it was cold as is this morning: It’s -4° outside.

I painted all the other walls of the kitchen that I didn’t do on Friday—except one small one that I’ll do today in a different colour. I chose a light green, burgundy and mocha for my colours . It took me all day to do it and I absolutely loved the colour and the work when I was done.

I quit early to clean myself up a little and to get to Jay’s for dinner at five, where we had a really, really great evening together. We’ve grown much closer; he’s becoming a valued friend. I’m very lucky. Our conversations were touchingly trusting.

When I got home, it was minus two outside and cold in the house—the warm days of Summer ended mere weeks ago. I immediately lit a huge roaring fire. It was lovely to feel the heat, plus I knew it wouldn’t be freezing cold inside here this morning.

Today is glorious again. I’m painting the dining room today while the CBC provides my soundtrack: Coral Music at nine on the radio and then I’ll stream music from their website after that. And when I finish that, I’ll do .

Tonight, there’s lots off stuff I love on PBS!  Yay!

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