Friday, October 23, 2020

Painting Interiors: Yum!

I had another fabulous day on Thursday—absolutely the best day! I’m deliriously happy because I feel like my old self, pre-breakdown, again. My speech is still shite* and I had a meltdown in the grocery store yesterday. Symptoms persist and will, probably, forever, but I’m so over that! I just don’t care.

My energy is back! Is it because I lost weight? I’m operating at full steam. Yesterday, I was in the studio for a while, attending to my curtains, I wrote for about three hours, and I baked cookies! Yes, baking! My diet is over! I also went into the village, bought nine plastic containers and came home and completely rearranged my kitchen and tool pantries. I was going, going, going from five am to eleven last night!

When I write as earnestly as I did yesterday, every fifteen minutes or so I feel very proud of something—a word, a phrase, a sentence or some idea of something to add, to delete or to move. And I feel very, very good about its structure, flow and with vocabulary.

Studio work, baking, writing and, of course, I’ve got a lot of books to read. Winter is going to be not just a walk in the park, it’s going to be a total blast.

I was up at five and painting in my kitchen half an hour later. I love painting. It cleans things up so nicely. And now that I’m old, I have the patience to work slowly and carefully. Today’s paint is so thick, there’s no dripping. I’m going to paint a wall in the living room as well. It’s so easy and gratifying. And … I’ve got so much energy for it!

It’s raining today, but it’s supposed to be sunny all weekend. I’ll spend most of today painting after going on a wet dog walk with my lady friends.

* I saw an inspiring film about stuttering on the website, Kanopy. It’s a documentary and I has made me take action. 

I’m joining the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) and registering for their virtual annual conference. And I’m signing up for monthly Zoom sessions with other stutters once a month through the CSA’s Vancouver chapter.

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