Saturday, October 10, 2020


I’m stunned! There’s not a cloud in the sky and sunshine is bathing the trees with a golden glow. What a break! I was expecting torrential rain today. I’m going to take Her Highness to a lakeless trail and then come home to read or work in the studio.

The dog walk yesterday morning wasn’t too wet, thank God. It was warm, and the fragrances of the freshly drenched forest were exhilarating. When we got home, I was drawn to the comfort of the couch, the fire and my wonderful book. There’s no hurry for the curtain now, so it doesn’t matter. The birds have water everywhere now that the Monsoons have arrived. The fountain is no longer a lure. The danger of more bird deaths from crashing into the glass of the doors and windows seems very low for the rest of the year.

All I did all day was read and walk with Her Highness.

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