Monday, October 26, 2020

Decorating: Day Four

I love the colours and that the palette of Pinecone Park is mine now. And it’s sooooo clean! 

Everything here, almost, was beige—the favourite colour of people who pray for children without personality. But now my home has lots of colour. I’m amazed! It makes my place look much, much more like a home (and less like a waiting room). Hooray!

By seven, I was done for the day, and beat! Finishing early gave me time to have a spa and a bite before Sunday night on PBS; I’m loving The Trouble with Maggie ColeFlesh and Blood is over and ended poorly and Cobra is just okay. But there are no ads and they’re not American made.

We walked just with Regina this morning. Now I start painting the doors and trim. And I’ve “splurged” a little, by plugging in the hot oil heater in the studio. It takes the edge off in there—it’s been cold. But now we’re heading into very wet, warmer weather. Still, the heat today should get the glue on the curtains to dry so that when I finish the decorating in the house, I can go back to work on the curtains.

All this activity is, of course, burning calories. Consequently, even though I’m back to eating whatever I want—but with discipline when it comes to sweets—I’m still losing weight. Now I’m weighing myself to make sure I don’t lose more weight.

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