Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Yay AZD1222

Well … I now know why Flesh and Blood ended so unsatisfactorily. There’s going to be another season. I’m glad, because I loved the sets and all the actors, and there are so many plot lines!

The pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, partnered with scientists from Oxford University to form a team dedicated to finding an experimental Covid-19 vaccine. Their product, called AZD1222, produces an immune response in older adults as well as the young. Their phase 2 trials have shown that people over the age of 56 – and some over 70 – produced the same sort of antibody response as younger volunteers. Data confirming their results have been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Hope! You can read more about it here.

All I did all day yesterday, was paint; today will be more of the same. I was up at four this morning and taping the door trim for painting today by four-thirty. There’s a wall, very high up above my office that I’ve decided to do tomorrow. It’s going to be very demanding, in that it’s so high and I hate heights—especially when I have to look up and paint carefully! But I’m going to do it. The place looks so, so great, I can’t leave one ugly beige wall. Today I’m doing the hallway serving the guest rooms and guest bathroom.  

It’s supposed to rain today but right now (six am) the sky is full of twinkling stars. Once daylight breaks, Her Highness and I will go walking. Poor Shebie gets bored because I am so engaged with decorating. The cats, though, love it: There are ladders to climb, tape to play soccer with, new smells and dust bunnies (that are fun to kill) get exposed when I move furniture.

And I love having something to do all day every day. There’s no thinking, no deciding; I get up, get dressed in my painting clothes and get to work. And when the decorating ends—probably tomorrow—I’ll get back to the curtains. Until this episode of mild mania is over, there’s no way I could read a book. But when it ends: Tea by the fire with Beth’s book.

Check out the Lyrebird in the post below!

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